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Paper Mold (High moled)

Paper Mold (High moled)
Paper Mold (High mole)

Paper mold (High moled) is a molded paper product, mainly made from corrugated fiberboard and waste newspaper.
With high molding accuracy and ribbed structure, high mole has as much shock-absorbing and load bearing characteristics as those of chemical buffer materials. When stacked in layers, their volume is reduced compared with conventional buffer materials, contributing to improvement of loading rate and decrease of warehousing cost.

Paper Mold (High moled) Lineup
High moled joint (EG joint)

Plastic joints were generally used as joints for packing. However, more and more interior materials for packaging products, not to mention boxes, are made of paper.
We explored new technologies of manufacturing joints for packaging made from the same material and developed the high moled joint (EG joint).