About Dynapac

Our goal is to be “a company keep winning in the 21st century with expanding the business dynamically”.

We don’t want to be just surviving in the 21st century. We aim to be a company that keeps winning against strong competitions to contribute to society at large including our customers, stockholders and our employees. We push forward with our business strategy confidently making the best of our ability.

We contribute to society at large including our customers, stockholders and our employees by continuing to thrive.
We aim to be a company fulfilling a significant role for growing with local community.
We respond to every need of packaging/logistics from greengrocery, drink, processed food to electric, machine and apparatus.
We aim to have peerless competitiveness by improving productive technology.


Our management philosophy is “user-friendly, product-friendly, and environment-friendly company”.

Co-existence and co-prosperity with environment and society is more and more required. Our basic philosophy is to aim harmony with everything related with our company from society including our customers, stockholders , our employees and every item to be packaged by our product as well as global environment.

We pursue package design usable for everyone (universal design).
We increase our corporate value with continuous development with local community to live up to expectations of stake holders including customers, stockholders and employees.
We offer to create a beautiful, functional and economical packages not only for protecting goods also increasing the value of products.
We work toward ecological products and technology development in view of rising demand for environment protection.